The O&G Portal reduces your workload by simplifying the communication with your owners via automated digital document distribution. That sounds intimidating, but it’s an easy & secure process. The portal also greatly improves communication with your mineral rights owners & investors, without additional work. More engaged owners are happy owners.

No problem. You can choose one of our templates for your website. All we need is a little information about your company & we can take it from there. Our portal simply links from your website.

You can have the person that takes care of your website place a button that links to your portal. The portal lives on AWS.

Yes, you can keep working with your accounting software. We are just helping you do more with the data you are creating and simplifying your processes – reducing your workload.

Our system does not email documents as they may contain sensitive information like Social Security Numbers, EIN’s, or Bank Account information. We send notification to the user that they have received a new document on their portal. The data on the portal is encrypted at all times.

We have a nominal monthly charge for each owner account. That could be an individual investor or mineral rights owner; or a trust or a company. We also have a fee for digital signatures, based on the number of digital signatures used each month. Any custom work is priced separately.

Yes, you should be able to save significant expense by greatly reducing your mailing costs & by limiting the number of calls for assistance as the portal has self-service features and a robust help desk. Also, the overall reduction of tasks for the office staff has a real financial impact.

You can be up & running on your new portal in a matter of a few days, not weeks. Since we are NOT replacing your accounting system, there is no database conversion. We are always available to help with any assistance as you get rolling.

Monthly Statements, JIB’s, AFE’s, Division Orders, Remittances, etc. Any documents created by your accounting system can leverage the portal. Documents from outside of your accounting system can also be sent through the portal.

We’ve incorporated a help desk into the signature process, where the signee can ask the document generator questions in real time. This functionality resolves most issues on the spot…avoiding the extended time frame of back & forth mailing to get an agreement.